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Hartwell On Hate Mail, Death Threats, etc., From fbi Punks:

Former FBI Agent Geral Sosbee: Standing for Liberty for We the People

It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong. --Voltaire

Have mercy on me, O LORD, for I am in trouble; my eye is consumed with sorrow, and also my throat and my belly.
For my life is wasted with grief, and my years with sighing; my strength fails me because of affliction, and my bones are consumed.
I have become a reproach to all my enemies and even to my neighbors, a dismay to those of my acquaintance; when they see me in the street they avoid me.
I am forgotten like a dead man, out of mind; I am useless like a broken pot.
For I have heard the whispering of the crowd; fear is all around; they put their heads together against me; they plot to take my life.
But as for me, I have trusted in you, O LORD. I have said, "You are my God. My times are in your hand; rescue me from the hand of my enemies, and from those who persecute me. Make your face to shine upon your servant, and in your loving-kindness save me."
Psalm 31: 9-16

On Palm Sunday, as I sat in church reading this psalm aloud, I thought about how true were the words of the Psalmist, and how clearly these words have resonated in my own life. More specifically, I was thinking about the terrible price a person always pays for standing up against evildoers, especially when those evildoers are the ones wielding power over a country which is being systematically destroyed by the corruption and rampant criminality from within.
I was also thinking about my friend Geral Sosbee, about the price he has paid for becoming a whistleblower, simply for standing up and exposing the truth, which it seems very few people in this country really want to acknowledge.
No, most would rather live in a state of denial, burying their heads in the sand. Maybe, they think, if they simply ignore the truth about what is happening in this country, it will all just go away.
As for those of us who are able to provide truthful, accurate information, based on facts and supported by reams of evidence, rather than even being willing to consider the information we furnish, many people find it easier to shun us, to accuse us of being "radicals" or "anti-government extremists".   
We are treated as pariahs, even as lepers were treated in the Middle Ages; treated as if we are diseased, as if that disease were contagious. People don't want to associate with us, or do business with us; they don't want to be friends with us; they don't even want to know us, for fear that they could be "tainted" by association.
What is the problem here? Is it simply "denial"?  In part, yes. But far worse, I believe the problem is cowardice. For if people were willing to face the truth (which is staring us all in the face, whether we want to see it or not) they would then, in good conscience, have to DO SOMETHING about it. They would have to take a stand.
Over a course of many years, I have seen the same scenario repeated, over and over and over...it is also repeated throughout the history of the world.
People think they can hide from the truth, that they can hide themselves from evil, just as a child may think he can hide by pulling the covers over his head, thinking that the bogeyman can't see him; meanwhile there is the lump sticking out from under the bedclothes, for all with eyes to see.
Then, there was the latest missive sent to Geral Sosbee from a government goon, which I had seen posted on one of Geral's sites. I was thinking about that too, with no small amount of outrage.  
This e-mail message was apparently a "response" from one of the goons to two reports which Geral and I had recently collaborated on.


Cyber-Stalker Goon: Criminal Harassment of Decorated War Veteran, Former FBI Agent Geral Sosbee

The e-mail sent to Geral was from a person using the name "John Smith". And no doubt about it, it was a death threat.


Here is what Geral posted:
fbi psychopath sends the following threat via gmail  in response to recent success of my work:
To: gsosbee@gmail.com Very Soon My Friend Inboxx
John Smith johnnysmith1556@gmail.com 9:47 AM (1 hour ago)
to me

Geral Sosbee, Born on a Monday, Christened on Tuesday, Married on Wednesday, Took ill on Thursday, Grew worse on Friday, Died on Saturday, Buried on Sunday. That was the end, Of Geral Sosbee
Poor little Sosbee, chip in the head and a foot in the grave. Making trouble for those who run the world. Why do you cause so much trouble for us little Sosbee? If you'd just conformed it'd be so much easier. We'd take that little chip out of your head and we'd stop keeping you up at night! But if you keep being bad we'll have to turn out your light. Soon soon soon, you'll have to decide to play or disappear. Have you ever noticed that guy on the corner? Or the woman watching you in her rear view mirror? Of course you have, you're not stupid.  Just crazy right?  At least, that's what they say.
 A Message to "John Smith" from Barbara Hartwell

Dear Mr. Smith:
Upon reading your little poem, I decided it deserved more publicity than it had received. So, I read it aloud on a radio show on Sunday, April 1. The topic for discussion was, fittingly, FBI/CIA black operations, and COINTELPRO. You know what that is, don't you, Mr. Smith? It's an operation for targeting "dissidents", activists and whistleblowers. People like Geral Sosbee. People who took their oath to defend the Constitution seriously, and honored it. But you wouldn't be concerned about anything like that, would you? No, I didn't think so.
But anyway, when I read your poem and accompanying message to Geral Sosbee, the listening audience got an earful of the stuff of which tyranny and oppression are made, so thanks for providing me with more ammunition to use in exposing you and your ilk.
I see that you, like your accomplices, are hiding behind a pseudonym. "John Smith". Your originality is stunning! How typical. Last week, I had occasion to address one of your pals, a Mr. J. Robert Upton. Perhaps you are the same person? We'll probably never know, as you people operate from the shadows, making sinister threats, but are too cowardly to step forth into the light and face Geral Sosbee like a man --something you will never be.
You know, Mr. Smith, such tactics really do not reflect well on you, or your colleagues.  And do you really think you are intimidating anyone by making death threats?
Do you actually believe that Geral Sosbee will "play the game" and "conform" because of a threat from a lowlife like you?
Think again, Mr. Smith.  Actually your message was extremely helpful in demonstrating the mentality of a psychopath. Yes, we talked about that too, on the aforementioned radio show. Not only talked about it, but had a great time laughing about it. Yes, you are laughable, Mr. Smith. And your methods are ludicrous, despite the evil which emanates from you like a noxious miasma.
As I stated on the air, Geral Sosbee is one of my personal heroes, in fact my Number One Personal Hero. He is a Defender of Liberty and a Messenger of Truth. But you have no use for such things as "truth" or "liberty", do you, Mr. Smith? I guess that's why you people have taken such a strong dislike to him; why you stalk him, harass him, persecute him, why you write your little poems and issue your cowardly death threats.
I can only make a guess that you don't care for patriotism, either. No, you'd like nothing better than to see us all enslaved under your New World Order, your global police state.
And tragically, the cowardice of many Americans is helping your cause along very nicely --those who would "conform", who would comply, who would "play the game", who would "just follow orders", who would do just about anything but stand up for the Truth, for Liberty and Justice, just to keep from incurring the disapproval of the likes of you.

They'll find out soon enough that all their efforts to be "safe" have been in vain. But when they finally realize that Geral Sosbee was there for them, was fighting for them, was fighting to save our country from the evildoers, the psychopaths, the demonic tyrants, when they finally change their minds about supporting him and standing with him, it may just be too late.

Barbara Hartwell Percival April 3, 2012

To listen to the aforementioned radio show, with guest Barbara Hartwell,  hosted by James Freeland, click on the links below.
April 1, 2012
Parts 1 &2
Barbara Hartwell Percival Legal Defense & Research Trust PO Box 22 Old Orchard Beach Maine 04064 Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA  http://www.barbarahartwellvscia.blogspot.com
During the days and nights of April 5-7, 2012, the directed energy assaults escalate to extreme levels (on a scale of 1-10 , with ten being the most severe, about a 9) after fbi efforts to shut down this and other sites fail; the symptoms of the assaults take on a more sinister tone than those symptoms described earlier at:http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/part19-updatefor.html . Present symptoms now include: extreme fatigue, weakness in legs, difficulty walking, short term memory loss, jump in high blood pressure, brief incapacitating headaches, nausea, dizziness. The reader should also note that the fbi continues to 1) watch this target 24/7 in real time as he struggles to stay alive and 2) send notices to Sosbee (via telephone messages and via  remote electronic manipulation of car doors and tv  devices). Evil is USA.
 Here is another death message from a fbi cowardly punk:
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On April 4-5,2012, the fbi sends notices that sosbee's recent reports on line is not acceptable 'conduct'; such notices are delivered by locking or unlocking car doors remotely, or by changing channels on the tv prior to the increased directed energy assaults (principally ELF). Then, after a night of exhaustive sleep deprivation (causing a dangerous jump in blood pressure, etc.) the fbi operative in Hong Kong sends a confirmation of the increased sleep deprivation as follows:

By Location > Visit Detail
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When they did that to me....I knew "it was time to keep moving".


Here's an FBI JFLTTF surveillance target...forced to leave his home...and, fed, state, and local prosecutors never, ever, once....thought about challenging this secret TORTURE HARASSMENT CAMPAIGN?


Even the most liberal and dedicated constitutional bloggers and vocal opponents of fascism (Glen Greenwald) will not and do not "embrace the facts emitted from those Targeted Individuals" archived at this website?


The ACLU HQ was and is every bit as complicit as the police state authorities who refuse to challenge the state secrets assertion used to continue this outrage against us?

Targeted Killings was recently mentioned by Holder in a speach, creating the usual impotent blogging response....and...still...the goofballs ignore this website and our voices?


Congress claimed they were secretly briefed by CIA on torture....yet....DEW, Voice to Skull, Stalking, Slander, chipping.....remains ignored and hidden by even the most reliable left wing bloggers?


Silence is a crime used to cover up more crimes.



The new Obama Assasination claims along with Military Detention....never once was interpreted in regard to my facts including The Quartzite, Arizona murder of The Korean Laundramat owner.


The special prosecutor and his FBI agent wife talked to me.....about pizza?


Not about the second complaint?


It's as though....politically motivated murders of my briefly known associates....is not an issue or factual foundation for analysis of what has been done.


The chipping and harassment of me and Geral....is somehow...legalized by the Preventative Detention Law that just passed.


Obama said..."...it won't be used against US Citizens...".???????


What am I, "....chopped liver....."?

John Smith (aka "rat bastard") claimed, "....Why do you cause so much trouble for us little Sosbee? If you'd just conformed it'd be so much easier. We'd take that little chip out of your head and we'd stop keeping you up at night!....".


If this is an issue of "conformity" as a key for a TI to shoot towards as a goal to reduce the harassment......then......uh.....if taken at face value...."just what kind of conformity" is necessary to end torture?


I'm not sure either Geral or I, have ever been given a glimmer or hint of "...what we have to exchange in the form of submission, to enjoy inalienable rights?"


The targeting has nothing to do with nothing other than SECRET SADISM, spun as "rational punishment" based on a GROUPTHINK MILITARY SOCIAL MILIEU that has made "code red" a way of embracing necessary conformity to rules. (See the movie "A Few Good Men").

It's almost like in "Schindler's List" when Schindler has to explain to the brutal Nazi SS camp commander that "....real power is to pardon....".


We are dealing with brain washed psycho paths......no?


I doubt, I would ever torture anybody, except for those who tortured me.....yet....these jack asses are literally convinced that "the torture harassment is a way of settleing the score" and "putting offenders in their place"?


As though they've deluded themselves into believing that they are crime victims with legitimate beefs against the TI?


Look at The Zimmerman case, and here the vigilantee, talk about "how these assholes are always getting away with stuff"?


Vigilantees seem to focus and lock in on the idea that "....some crime committed by their target, has not been punished, requiring extrajudicial punishment"?  Pretzel logic....from those who have no legitimate beef, or personal call to payback since, "they have not been victimized by the target"?


We are dealing with a lot of secret cognitive distortion, that is never challenged....as the group does not question the behavior of a group acting secretly  with no fear of exposure.  Since there is nothing but "crimes of silence" the group internalizes their own deviance spun as heroic action and even justice?


But, uh.....who will bring justice to those operating extrajudicially?


How will the "justice karma" be balanced, when....the vigilantees are guilty of what they claim the target got away with (some unarticulated crime with no legally obtained evidence) without punishment.


If you look at the vigilantee FBI MONITORED AND SANCTIONED HARASSMENT OF DR MARK GORDON....you see....FBI MONITORING vigilantee groups based on mere thought crimes (when me and Mark repeated the dialogue from The Jerky Boys Comedy Album).  This led to FBI IN OK CITY using their informant network to "hire and supervise and sponsor" a gang banging hispanic who stalked Gordon at a gas station and "spit in his face".  While OK CITY FBI watched and applauded.


These are facts....BOB MUELLER DOES NOT WANT TO FACE, OR ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR....as proven by MUELLER stealing the 150,000,000$ moved into The Ponzi Schemer's pyramid.  Ponzi schemer ends up suicided.  Last witness to tie Mueller to the Israeli bank account where the money is safe for Bob.  Last I heard....DOJ-FBI issured press release claiming "....they could not track bank records...."??????????????????????????????????


Since when....do bank records become unavailabe to FBI-DOJ without charges for OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE?

One definition of EVIL, promoted by Dr. M. Scott Peck in his book "People of the Lie"....is the idea that "truelly evil are hiding in plain site" and can be distinquished by the need to control others while also refusing to grow spiritually or take responsibility for their sins.


They do not like making any admission against a very dubious GRANDIOSE IMAGE OF PERFECTION.


I assure you, "...we are all sinners" to some degree.


Failure to seek redemption and forgiveness....blocks the heart and mind.  The wages of sin (stalking) is death (of the soul, and their subjective enjoyment of their pathetic lives).


Letting go, involves a babtism in pure spiritual essence....(hint: intent is more important than mere ritual)....letting go means admitting you are not divine or Godlike.


This...seems to escape those who prefer PROJECTION and DISPLACEMENT while looking for the splinter of sin in their brother's eye......ignoring the log of sin in their eye.


Peck points out that truelly evil people....always sacrifice others to protect the grandiose mere appearance of their own perfection without sin....and, that "destroying anyone who reminds the evil" of their crimes is a common vicious defense mechanism.


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