fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

fbi murderers & traitors are desperate to cause me problems, as they and their insane accomplices in fbi crime spree- federal Magistrate Judge-apply intense pressure.

Welcome to USA, a police state eagerly embraced by the general population who are aggressively violent en queue from fbi.

(DOC) Fbi Agents Rampantly Engage In Criminal Activity | Geral Sosbee - Academia.edu https://www.academia.edu/41047482/Fbi_Agents_Rampantly_Engage_In_Cr...

All night sleep deprivation continues every night by DEW/ELF.

Fbi also shut down all of my podcasts with RAMOLA D and hacked many of my sites.

See my papers at 

Geral Sosbee https://geralsosbee.academia.edu/

Note that fbi enters offices of MDs & DDS where I seek treatment and where all in the offices are hostile as fbi & federal Magistrate Judge slander me in retaliation for exposing their corruption & insanity. Most DDS refuse to treat me and often abuse/torture me, while other DDS assistants abuse & harass me.

  1. GERAL SOSBEE (ATTORNEY) Bar Card Number: 18855625 TX License Date: 05/13/1983 Primary Practice Location: PO Box 292 Mission, TX 78573-292 Practice Areas: Other. 
    ____Note: No legitimate law exist in USA, only an illusion of law as posed by fbi hoodlums.____
  2. Federal judges ignore Constitution and lick the feet of fbi who help these fools on the court advance in their careers in judiciary. They are corrupt beyond  measure by subvert legal & ethical mandates of our government.

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Fbi are foes of the human race by incessantly attacking the spirit of every Target tortured &. murdered. Fbi crimes present a show of their filthy power & a diminution of the capacity for good in our global culture

Fbi character assassins are nightmarish themselves, as depicted in link's below. In short, no worse character exist on earth than those in fbi.

Dirty filthy fbi




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