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Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS)( join the lawsuit)

We had an unusual conference call last Saturday. We were visited by two unexpected guests at the call bearing potentially very good news for
us. The first was Lynniceia (pronounced lin-NEE-see-uh). She lives in
California, is Native American and also targeted. Targeting her
ultimately proved problematic for the stalkers since because of her
heritage, she was able to marshal tremendous forces to come to her

After discovering her plight, she went to the elders of her tribe who then launched an investigation. Because they are an autonomous nation,
they had the resources to commission investigators who surveilled those
who were surveilling her. How long this investigation went on, I'm not
for sure however, it was not until she came to our group Thursday
evening and attended Orville's conference call, did the stalkers
realize that they, too were being spied upon, identified, tracked,
recorded, and that evidence had been gathered as to their activities by
her nation.

To hear her defiant spirit and how she spoke about those who were surveilling her that now they were being surveilled in their private
moments, along with their friends and their family members. And that
their private information was being collected and gleaned for
litigation and more, resonated so much with the group at the call that
we felt like standing and cheering for all they had accomplished!!! It
was the most hope that I had felt since this struggle began.

Lynniceia's matter and our own, will now be presented not only in a court of law, but at the United Nations as these people are a sovereign

We spent around 2 hours at last night's conference talking to Lynniceia, as she fielded questions from the callers about her and her
situation and how the tribe can be of assistance to us as well as her.
The elders feel that we are all one family and are outraged at the
atrocities that are being committed upon us and feel that something
must be done. If one family member is suffering, then all of us are.

As a sovereign nation, they apparently have the resources to investigate claims of illegal activities and further, realize that we
do not have the resources to address these issues on our own.

So for those that would like to join the lawsuit they're starting, they are asking that you send a brief summary of your situation to Orville
Weale or Gerry Duffett, who will then forward the information to

Here are the addresses to send a brief summary:

Orville Weale: oweale@yahoo.com
Gerry Duffett: duffett52@yahoo.com

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05/01/2010 09:00 PM EDT


EPISODE 121 - FFCHS Satruday Night Podcast
As much as I don't want to be making discouraging remarks I have to say that the U.N. is nothing but a pile of elitist dog dirt. They won't do anything and to be quite truthful I don't think any lawyer is going to do anything but take his client's money and plead his client guilty to what ever charge the court wants to put on the people who are looking for the lost America. The courts are not there for us. The courts are a part of the enemie's system and that is how they will be used. I have heard it said for a long time now that the decent cops and the decent military will not fire on American citizens but I believe that when it comes right down to it they will do as they are told. They have been trained for years to obey the commands they are given just like we have been trained not to rebell against government. If there comes a time when we can do something about the direction of world politics we will see it staring us in the face and we will have an instant in which to make our decision. So prepare to continue your existence as best you can until that moment arrives and be prepared to make that instantainous decision. If you must stand alone, then stand alone. You have nothing to lose.

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