fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Observation for uniformed services of USA: fbi/cia are your bosses who have become traitors in pursuit of war for the sake of war;
and who attack our veterans with insane fervor for veterans' patriotism.
I protested & these cowardly fools for half century torture me to death.  
Fbi/cia subvert & corrupt all of society: congress, courts, President & foreign governments. Understand what has happened to USA, rendering this nation a Nazi type regime which most of us fought against in previous battles.
Thank you kindly
GERAL SOSBEE, civilian, USA private E4

Military intel on orders from fbi threaten me ten years ago.
"Your IP address has been reported to your ISP for harassment.
Have a nice day,
-James Wolf
Website Administrator”


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fbi director to agents & operatives regarding former agent GERAL SOSBEE: Make death  look like an accident, natural causes, or preferably suicide.
Sosbee to fbi assassins:
You pathetic fools & traitors lose & bring down in disgrace the nation that you presumed to serve.

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