fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally




Over the past decade the fbi, acting as quasi mafia, engages in uninterrupted  criminal actions against Sosbee (the Target, or 'T') in efforts to fabricate a way to silence him from reporting official and horrendous crimes committed by the fbi. The fbi's crime spree  against T continues today and includes multiple attempts on T's life and a variety of other assaults intended to drive T to the brink. Many of  T's reports and documentations are contained at various  pages within the sites at







Today, the fbi also employs Google to help in the *fraudulent  public implied castigation of  T  in order to deflect the world's attention from fbi  crimes as outlined throughout T's recent reports.


The reader should take note that future Targets of the fbi/cia, etc., are subject globally to the same  kind of cowardly and libelous programs as shown in the Google photo below depicting the homicidal fbi director Mueller (on ICE) ordering that  T   be controlled and suggesting that in fact T is controlled as evidenced by the words,  "everything-fine".


T  thus considers the following picture and words (all sponsored by Google) of the fbi Director (to the left in the photo) at once a  threat (to T)  and an admission by the fbi director himself ( Robert S. Mueller, III)  to the numerous and ongoing crimes by the fbi as documented by T ; the absurd photo and statement represent a kind of badge of honor to T  as  many people around the globe are aware (due to T's reports of fbi/cia atrocities  http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/proclamation.html )

 of the collapse of  USA's constitutional government (symbolized in part by the following photo).The trashing of the laws of this nation is accomplished by the very same public officials sworn to uphold the rights and privileges guaranteed by the Constitution. The USA now openly abandones , through extensive fbi crimes, the once valued  concepts  implied in the words, "...in order to form a more perfect union..."

 *Here are the Google images on January 26, 2011:














 "500 ◊ 376 - Control geral sosbee saturday, mar three
items to the law trends Via iafis



 See fbi's unlawful manipulation of Alexa.com and fraudulent references planted therein:




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As of January 28, 2011, Google apparently removes the above captured smear effort from the Google Image Search Engine on geral sosbee.


      Now, Google- You are required to file a criminal report with the FCC , the FTC, US Attorney, or Congress with regard to felonious or otherwise  unlawful use of the computer by the suspected fbi agents/operatives who used your facilities and your name to post fraudulent and libelous data intended to harm as set forth above and as I have also documented at bottom of page here:



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