fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

DOJ advises me today of the legal basis for some electronic surveillance operations. [Note that a decade ago the fbi began their fraudulent investigation and even a law suit could not force the fbi to admit to the existence of any crime by this Target; see:
The US Department of Treasury has formulated rules for monitoring and tracking suspects; these rules are then used by the fbi in order to fraudulently obtain a court order (under the guise of
 ' evidence of a crime'  allegedly committed by the Target). 
The fbi never charges a crime because no crime exists, but the phony investigation and covert crimes  against the Target by the fbi are permanent and as I have shown not subject to review by even the US Supreme court.
     Then, the fbi thugs and criminals without time limits proceed to try to arrest or  kill the Target,  or at least force the Target into suicide. http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/mystory.html
Below is the link to the Treasury rule; if the link does not work, then enter the following words in Google for the link: "federal rules to non consensual audio monitoring."
The *DOJ visit (& sublimnal suggestion to me) is shown below:

160.9   Electronic Tracking Devices.

TIGTA utilizes two types of electronic tracking devices in support of field investigations:


160.9.1   Electronic Tracking Device Authorizations.  The installation and use of tracking devices is covered under Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure and specifically pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 3117, Mobile Tracking Devices.



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Geral.......I have never once been contacted or interviewed or given the crucial "Findings and Conclusions" from either GLEN FINE'S BOGUS PUNK CLOWN ACT CALLED US DOJ OIG..........or FBI OPR....or DOJ OPR.


Gee....notice how the "tough guy punk FBI pukes" cannot make an admission against their interest.......and....will and do take advantage of SECRET SILENT BRADY VIOLATIONS that amount to Conspiracies to Obstruct, WITH THE idiotic punk fed, state, and local prosecutors largely left in the dark...yet...also...prosecutors when they do get notice, don't want to police the situation.....nor are judges too worried about how the FBI LIES BY OMISSION.


War Commissions Act, Geral.  Have you read it.


Do you know...."Entrapment"  of terrorist subjects is psuedo legal?


And, of course......TORTURE OF ENEMY NON COMBATANTS is legal as well.......yet........THE STATUTE does not mention specific torture methods...nor does it require an interrogation looking for facts or admissions to stop terrorism.


It just says.........TORTURE IS LEGAL with no comment on a "rational, reasonable link to seeking info to prevent an act of terrorism" with again.........no specific link to a legal operational definition of Terrorism (politically motivated crimes of violence that ordinarily would be prohibited by other criminal statutes)?


Again.........ACLU HQ AND NATIONAL SECURITY DIVISION have no interest in your facts, or my facts.


Why don't you and I file and litigate together............we have the same facts ("preventative detention")?


And, a class action with all the people aggrieved at this site..........would also be possible...but, again....we do not have THE ACLU'S NAT. SEC. DIVISION (with their money for witnesses, depositions, etc)?


Unbelieveable situation for us all.............and that fat, punk, rat idiot BOB MUELLER has extorted Obama into EXTENDING HIS TEN YEAR FEUDAL RULE, TO TWO MORE YEARS?


Can you believe that NEO CON, NAZI, RAT, TWO FACED PUNK?

Today....I still ruminated on MUELLER at FBI HQ pulling a move straight out of J.Edgar Hoover.


Hoover's dubious name is still on the FBI building?


[I just started a book on Hoover's bizarre series of letters to special agent Melvin Purvis...that leads to the obvious analysis of Hoove'rs secret homosexuality distorted and hidden within implicit and bizarre friendly correspondence to Purvis?  Later, Hoover shafted Purvis after he got married to a woman? No wrath like that of a woman(Hoover) scorned.]


The extortion that MUELLER PUNK has on Obama....could take thousands of pages to lay out....one thing is for sure in my mind....Obama took an 18 billion dollar kickback bribe from the House of Saud, using...who else...Louis "Opus Dei" Freeh as the shyster lawyer?  Louis was always high on Saudi Arabia...and visited frequently when he was the lying punk Director (who had an amazing ability to get his ticket punched to groom this idiot for higher office...just like Muellerpunk?).


Ten f---ing years of MUELLER'S CANDY ASS fence sitting cowardness....and...I thought we were done with that f---head...yet.... the monster arises from the grave to extort another two years of graft, corruption, and secret cowardly punk fascism (four US ATTORNEYS WERE MURDERED while big, bad, BOB MUELLER PARKED HIS WORTHLESS NEO CON ASS in the seat of power).


Read the latest Time magazine puff piece that MUELLER got published a couple of days before Obama clown announced his love and affection for Mueller's extension of power for two more years?


These jerks use the mainstream media to script a plausible control of herd conventional wisdom...to cover up a Hoover Power Play by a Neo con s---head, who some how...was leap frogged into power by Bush-Cheney?  Right there, you cannot have Mueller any where near FBI powers. 


In Quartzite, Arizona...I talked to the US Attorney and his FBI wife, who...were likely candidates as the new D.C. power couple...when this guy was slated to be the next FBI Director.  We did not talk much about the second complaint...and...nor was I asked for a signed affidavit "in.re. the Quartzite, Arizona, murder of the Korean Laundremat owner" who died of a heart attack two days after the surveillance saw me talking to him.  The FBI was in Quartzite when this known associate was murdered...and...later...I talked to the ex Green Beret who had the contract.  That's why the "power couple' were in Quartzite, Arizona at "Silly Al's Pizza" sitting next to me.]


Geral, please do me a favor and....track me down in Utah, and sedate me for two more years.  I don't think I can handle another two years of MUELLER'S SECRET SURVEILLANCE PUNK BULL----.

They (FBI HQ, FBI FIELD FAGS, FBIOPR, US DOJ OIG, DOJ OPR, ) HAVE never, never,,,,.....ever....talked to me as part of a preliminary inquiry?


24 years of harassment...................and literally no interest in BRADY MATERIAL?



I went to law school with former interim US ATTY FOR SOUTH DAKOTA, Michelle Tapken.  I contacted her four times in letter form (two hand delivered, on tape to THE US MARSHALLS GUARDING THE SD US ATTY OFFICE... and two letters sent in the mail).


These letters incriminated SF FBI, FBI HQ, MINNEAPOLIS FBI, FBI OPR, and at the top...a fat face opportunist named ROBERT SWAN MUELLER, III,  (busy crafting his "protocol pussy" defense).


Some how.......I was never interviewed by a US ATTY OR AN FBI PUKE PUNK?


The last conversation with a fed badge boy...was at "Silly Al's Pizza" in Quartzite, AZ.  These dipshits asked my opinion on what food I recommended off of this menu at this restaurant.  And, both of the feds....did not identify themselves...but they seamed willing to talk about banalities.....rather then the STALKING SURVEILLANCE in this little dusty town that resulted in another...yes another...FBI 302 used to sit up another murder of another "known associate" (The Korean laundramat owner who I was seen talking to by the vigilante surveillance clowns....all working with the FBI AGENT who followed me into The 99 cent story in Quartzite days before the murder).


The feds at Silly Al's Pizza.....did not want photos, license plates...or a signed statement.......so, uh......why talk about food, when you have a PATRIOT ACT MURDER CONCEALED AND FACILITATED BY BOB MUELLER'S field agents and never ending surveillance (used to facilitate murders of innocent small business owners?).


The FBI in Sioux Falls, did this to my father and mother....who answered questions concerning "...names of lawyers I knew and trusted...." resulting in family attorney LEROY ROGERS being targeted by BOB MUELLER'S MURDER INCORPORATED that used a DEW to brain stroke Leroy Rogers (Omaha attorney)?


THIS SPECIFIC FACT PATTERN blows holes in Mueller's testimony that  "his hands were tied" and his secret assertions to Senator Leahy at US SEN JUD COMM, that......."....we at the FBI did not take part in the Dakota murders and torture maimings" while.......also............LEAHY, FINE, HOLDER, FBI OPR still ignores the facts concerning the TORTURE MURDER OF RICH GORDON (brain tumor) and attempted murder of MINNEAPOLIS FBI COOPERATING WITNESS, DR MARK GORDON, complaining of DEW symptoms in his home....when Dr Gordon was tortured right in front of the FBI.


MINNEAPOLIS FBI did not "put a crim referral on the US Atty's desk in Minnesota".  MUELLER COVERED IT UP.


Only later did MINN US ATTY Thomas Hefflefinger find out.......and resigned in disgust.


What does a Utah Fed Judge have to say about MUELLER'S COMPLICITY IN MURDERS, TORTURES, AND ATTEMPTED MURDERS that Obstructed the FBI's investigation of me?


That litigation is impossible....when ACLU NAT SEC DIVISION and ACLU HQ has been illegally NEUTRALIZED TO PREVENT LITIGATION.


I told those idiots ten times...........either criminal justice or civil suit justice.


Thus, recently...a new enabling law was passed capping damages to 100$ a day for civil suit remedies coming from what is spun as a COUNTER TERROR investigation (or stalking?).  100$ a day amounts to less than minimum wage....less than 5$ an hour....to cover punitive and compensatory damages for TORTURE WITH DEW, in the target's home?


Less than 5$ an hour....to stalk, maim, torture, and murder...with entrapment as "school shooters on a shelf" policy...accepted and silently sanctioned by ERIC HOLDER AND HIS STAFF?

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