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AS I HAVE DOCUMENTED over the past decade, the failure of Usa leadership causes world wide destruction and mayhem at the direction of the corrupt Usa Congress, the pathetic and cowardly uSA Courts and (of course) the homicidal maniacs in the executive branch of the uSA government (especially those in the fbi/cia ). Current events prove in their very undertaking that the fbi/cia and their underlings seek to turn all of mankind into a kind of homogeneously murderous band of assassins (see my report on the Living dead) where the only apparent defense to hostile aggression is often seen as possible via a violent and deadly force. We see the results of the uSA failed leadership in every country where the usa and her evil twin sister, '?Isreal', run wars, intelligence coups and psychological operations (with space based invisible weaponry) against perceived adversaries to the immoral cultures of usa/isreal.
Further, the world popular media help the fbi/cia in the blood letting and cannot ever be forgiven for their complicity in the holocaust now underway.
To those brave men and women defending their native land against the invading forces from abroad, freedom fighters of all times salute you for your dedication, your bravery, and your devotion to God; yet, when the killing of our brothers and sisters is over, the world is still left with the murderous tyrants of the uSa and ?Isreal who win as long as the killing continues. The thugs who represent the usa are primarily associated with the fbi and the cia; they can be stopped when non violence and calm replace armed and deadly responses to the provocations. Indeed, stop the killing, stop the violent resistence and the enemy of Mankind (the uSA and ?Isreal) have no where to turn; the two evil regimes then must face the intelligent and benign forces of the world which eternally echo the theme of peace, mutual respect and love for all God's children on this good earth.
Today I attempted to report on the lockdown in Pakistan (as orchestrated by the cia) and the simultaneous rumblings and unrest in the Philippines, but the fbi, at the direction of the cia , prevented the report. Here is a piece of the report that the fbi/cia repeatedly hacked:
The Philippine government is under the control of the cia as I have previously documented; the people there presently refuse to accept the murderous dictates of the fbi/cia and therefore are causing considerable political instability. Today the fbi and the cia operatives, using a concerted and subliminal effort , send from the Philippines the following hate mail to Sosbee ; note that the images below are further documented at part 13 [thirteen] of hate mail :

Sosbee is heartened by the courage of the Philippino people in their refusal to assist the torturers and homicidal maniacs of the fbi/cia. In similar or worse turmoil, Pakistan refuses to submit to fbi/cia efforts at world inhumane domination.

July 29, 2008

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