fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally

Evidence Of Corruption Within The fbi (the federal burro of investigation)

As I have previously documented the Chicago fbi chief, SAC *Richard G. Held and his subordinate Ken Kaiser engaged in an elaborate and choreographed effort in 1975 to force me out of the fbi at the direction of the Tampa, Florida office, as a result of my report of unlawful fbi conduct in the **Rodriguez case.
At the same time Held ordered Kaiser to insure that Agent Sosbee  would not be present during an all agents conference wherein Held would outline certain possibly unlawful fbi operations taking place in Chicago at the time; Held did not trust Agent Sosbee and therefore did not want him present at the conference.So, Kaiser ordered Sosbee to go to the fbi academy for a Police Instructor's (PI) course which was conducted during the time that the Held conference was in progress. Sosbee advised Kaiser that due to personal family crises he could not attend the PI course at this time.Kaiser then ordered Sosbee to go to the course and that Sosbee had no other option. See Kaiser & Sosbee here: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com/supervisorspecia.html

Note that Sosbee worked in the Chicago fbi office as a counter intel agent and that the PI course was of absolutely no use to him in the capacity as an Internal Security specialist. The PI course was used as ruse to remove Sosbee from Chicago for a brief time; this in itself constituted a fraud on the government.
While Sosbee was attending the ***PI course his father died and other family tragedies also struck at about the same time.
Also during the time that Sosbee was assigned to the Chicago office, Held delivered a document to him with reference to the Rodriguez case (cited above); one of Held's assistants advised Sosbee that the case by Rodriguez against the fbi was settled out of court and that the court wanted a final statement from Sosbee that he had no other information to provide in the case. Sosbee signed the document unaware that the fbi lied to the court about Sosbee's knowledge of the false and unlawful arrest of Rodriguez. The Rodriguez case was finally finished in 1976. After the statutory time limits for appeal had passed in about 1978, the New York City fbi boss (Alfred E. Smith), insured that finally, at long last Sosbee could be drummed out of the service and that his reputation could be ruined so as to prevent him from ever commenting in a credible manner on the criminal conduct of dozens of fbi agents.See
After Sosbee attended law school he discovered the great legal fraud that the fbi had perpetrated on the country in the Rodriguez case; he also learned to his horror that the fbi was not through with him; that he would be the object of an fbi torture program for the rest of his life.
This report is submitted for the record. geral sosbee

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Geral....was it Held or Weld...that was famous for running COINTELPRO.


Back in South Dakota we had the Wounded Knee uprising....under the direction of Minneapolis FBI...and the SAC was Held or Weld?


Anyway....nothing really much changes at the FBI.  I never could appreciate how hard it is to get both the US Atty and the FBI to work towards protecting civil rights.   If you get bored or itchy to travel....meet me on the road in beautiful MOAB, UTAH, where both Arches and Canyonlands National Park are....and the spring flowers will be coming up soon....Cheers, Geral.


That's almost an insult to jack asses.


I like burros....but The NEO CON stooges (Mueller, Freeh) are....well...like Dick Cheney and Addington: totally dedicated to a fascistic agenda .


I here west Texas has a hell of a fire problem?


Is this the end times?


God help us all....but he won't.

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