fbi/cia's own torturers, assassins, & terrorists globally



There is no doubt that the global conquest which has been secretly carried out by the U.S based military/agency/corporate crime conglomerate would not have been possible without the vast capabilities of extremely advanced computer systems. These technologies certainly enable the U.S and its close allies to exert absolute control over many organisations and individuals including the worldwide mass media and all telecommunications networks. They thereby determine the ebb and flow of most information. Computer technology has also allowed the U.S and its allies to secretly amass space and ground-based weaponry which goes well beyond the knowledge or understanding of the general population. This equipment is used not so much on genuine enemies as it is on those innocent, concerned citizens who seek to address issues like the undue influence exercised by the crime conglomerate over global affairs; finance, politics, public opinion, weather and much more.

Now, the U.S and its close allies don‘t often exercise their full power, lest it raise suspicion, and when they do it‘s done without media coverage. However, that power extends to the point where whole systems can be quickly corrupted or shut down at the snap of a finger. Unbeknowns to most the crime conglomerate has super computers capable of processing over 280 trillion calculations per second, EACH. Our minds do 5,000, so just one such computer could currently out perform every human mind put together, almost ten times over.

Many such computers are utilised to collect, collate, analyse, cross reference and disseminate information, all of which is gleaned from surveillance systems which are also far beyond those which the community recognises.

It‘s also important to note that satellite monitoring of ALL telecommunications, of countless face to face conversations and of the brain waves of many effectively drains the brains of the citizenry and feeds the thieving New World Order with valuable options, ideas, strategies and warnings. This thoroughly empowers the very real, very malevolent —Big Brother“ to control what we think, feel, do and say. The ruling bodies that play this role do so on behalf of the 1,000 or so families which own 90% of the world‘s wealth and covet the other 10%; which is shared by the rest of us. We are merely mushroomed mental slaves to the megalomaniacs who have arranged this madness in secret.

Many writers have subtly alluded to this tragic situation but always in an unreal fantasy or sci fi setting so as to avoid censorship, victimisation etc. One such piece is the movie —The Matrix“, wherein human beings live in pods, are used like computer batteries and are fed with distractive programming which becomes their lives. Those waking up to this trickery are subsequently persecuted by computer —agents“. The alert reader will observe from what follows that there are frightening similarities between that inspired movie and the reality which awaits us if nothing is done to stop the current trend towards ever bigger conspiracies involving computer technology. The available technology already allows far too much which remains unpoliced. Anything from microwave towers to psychotronic weaponry to directed energy weapons and more can be (and is) used against members of the civilian population thanks to secretive computer/satellite technology. Computers are fine with reference to time-saving devices like home automation and calculators or —fun“ devices like interactive games and they‘re especially helpful for transactions, various searches, communications and the like BUT the crime conglomerates uses are frightening; making the microchip the most significant and dangerous invention ever devised.

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